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CAY is
your Jewish home
in New Jersey

“Love your fellow as yourself .” 

[Leviticus 19:18]

CAY is an Orthodox synagogue located in historic Morristown, NJ.  

Our Morristown kehillah offers minyanim for all Shabbos and weekday Tefillos. 

Home to talmidei chachamim, observant professionals, yiddeshe mamas, shteiging buchrim, job opportunities, and more, Morristown is a verdant satellite of greater NYC's frum community.

אהבת ישראל

Support Our Kehillah!

“Every living thing must grow.” - the Rebbe 

Morristown is booming, and our Orthodox kehillah is booming, too.

Please support our community's growth by giving generously!

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